Recently saw someone search for “The Best FREE radio DJ software” on this website.

By now they’ll hopefully be using the best free music automation program of them all.

RadioDJ v2.0.0

RadioDJ is the best of the best when it comes to radio automation software.

Built around the .NET framework (at least 4.6.1) and a MySQL database its pretty reliable and stable, Plus it will outperform most of the paid for automation solutions available on the market.

Please Note: Due to .NET 4.6.1 NOT installing on Windows XP there is no way you’ll get the new version of RadioDJ v2.0.0 working. You need a newer PC/Laptop for safety never mind security!

Despite some claims by other blog posts RadioDJ is actually 100% FREE and is a good starting point if you want to start your own internet radio station.

RadioDJ doesn’t rely on massive amounts of memory/CPU either it can run on a system with as little as 2GB RAM and least 1000 MHz CPU installed.

A new user of the software recently said this about RadioDJ.

“I’m very new to RadioDJ, I love this software it is better than S*M Broadcaster, It’s very easy to use, gives you a variety of options to automate the station with, I am not a professional DJ or Radio guy, but this is perfect for me & it’s extremely easy to learn”

We’ve used the software since 2010 and we’ve never had a major issue with the software, If something has gone wrong its usually been hardware/drivers/hard drives on the PC at fault.

One user recently boasted about the fact he’d had RadioDJ v1.8.2 working for over 30 months on an old Acer laptop running Windows XP.

I’d call that reliable wouldn’t you?

Don’t believe us? Feel free to download RadioDJ from the link above to test it out for yourself.

Once completely setup and installed we guarantee you’ll love how the software just works.

How To Install RadioDJ

The newer v2.x.x.x versions of RadioDJ have been just as amazing as they promised to be and more.

If however you should get stuck with anything help can be found on the RadioDJ Community Forums

Last updated on: 8th July 2019
at 15:08 PM Europe/London