A user over on the RadioDJ forums put a feature request in for a text to speech plugin so he could have the computer do the announcements.

What’s so wrong about that I hear you say? I really don’t think it’s something a radio automation package needs.

Most stations tend to have their presenters voice track their shows. Which usually means that it’s all automated with nobody actually being there. No live presenters etc.

Several users on the RadioDJ forums have already pointed out it just wouldn’t sound very professional.

What most people want when listening to radio is a real live human being being at the controls. Not some half baked computer generated voice telling you what the AutoDJ is playing.

It’s another reason I hated a program called Nextkast as that had a computer generated TTS voice and it sounded awful.

I cannot see why anyone would want a feature such as this in RadioDJ.

If you feel you really need a computer generated voice to announce things. You can’t be a very good DJ IMHO!

Last updated on: 31st May 2017
at 14:15 PM Europe/London