I checked on the Spacial audio facebook page recently and saw this post from a user who is helping beta test the new version of SAM Broadcaster.

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Now users are having major issues with being able to connect to Live365 with the latest version of SAM Broadcaster.

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So the testing is going well then? It certainly doesn’t look that way to me.

It seems they just go from bad release to bad release with SAM Broadcaster.

I hope this sends out a clear message to anyone thinking about buying SAM Broadcaster from Spacial.

Their software developers haven’t got a clue! Don’t waste your time with it and save yourself the headaches and even the cash.

Where as RadioDJ is far more stable even under beta testing conditions.

If you are looking for a stable broadcasting program use RadioDJ it holds up a lot better than any beta version of SAM Broadcaster ever will.

Give it up Spacial no one wants SAM Broadcaster with it’s outrageous price tag and it’s problems anymore!

Last updated on: 16th May 2018
at 10:19 AM Europe/London