Microphone Input In Radio Automation Software?

It really annoys me when someone tries making out RadioDJ isn’t a “Professional” radio automation program because it doesn’t have a microphone input or Voice FX button like SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ 1.6.0 Mic input

RadioDJ had a microphone input back in the days of v1.6.0 and it has already been discussed at length on the RadioDJ forums as to why the newer versions of the software don’t have a microphone input.

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Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 22:52 PM Europe/London

Led Studio Clock

A simple but effective LED clock for your studio.


Click to enlarge

This simple yet effective LED clock is just the thing for most studios, you probably have a spare monitor lying around you could hook it up.

You can download the .exe file Here

Unzip & run the file as you would any other program.

There is also this clock available on this website Radio Tools which is more advanced.

We’ve just been sent this link we have no idea of how everything works.

A user of RadioDJ would like peoples feedback on getting the clock to work alongside RadioDJ on this Topic

Note: All downloads supplied as seen.

Last updated on: May 8th, 2017
at 13:53 PM Europe/London

How You Wire Your Studio Up Is Up To You

Yet again another new RadioDJ user complaining on the forums about the fact RadioDJ doesn’t have a built in microphone button.

People have already been told the reason it doesn’t have a built in microphone input is down to latency issues.

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Last updated on: May 26th, 2017
at 13:36 PM Europe/London

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