Reinstalling Sam Broadcaster Pro

Saw a tweet from a SAM Broadcaster user having to reinstall the program after it had gone wrong on him and wouldn’t restart after a reboot of the PC.

“In the process of reinstalling SAM Broadcaster it completely refuses to load even after system reboot”

We know how this user feels it’s happened to us on many occasions over the years. SAM Broadcaster goes wrong and crashes for no reason even in the newer versions.

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Last updated on: 3rd December 2019
at 06:37 AM Europe/London

Sam Broadcaster Pro Crashes!

I recently thought I’d install & see if anything changed with the latest version of SAM Broadcaster.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

Sadly it hadn’t

I started the SAM Broadcaster Pro program file up, Installed it, configured it, connected it to Shoutcast, pressed play and off it went or so I thought.

I got called away to help a neighbour with something & I was only gone from the computer for 10/15 minutes IF that.

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Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:51 AM Europe/London

Sam Broadcaster Pro High CPU Usage?

Users of the software have often reported that they cannot run SAM Broadcaster without the program taking up ALL of the computers CPU & resources.

I saw this on a post on a forum recently.

Users shouldn’t be having those sort of issues on machines with that amount of RAM.

Ever since the early days SAM Broadcaster the program has always required huge amounts of the CPU/memory especially when trying to import music or run PAL Scripts.

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Last updated on: 6th March 2020
at 15:11 PM Europe/London