Why So Nasty?

Not a week goes by without someone somewhere giving me grief about posts on this website, It’s really starting to get tiresome…

The vitriol seems to stem from posts I’ve written about software/websites not being up to par. Its almost as if I’m not allowed an opinion about anything.


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Stop Trolling Me!

Just a friendly reminder: If you’re going to attempt to troll me on social media or the internet get “your” facts straight first!

Troll Mad

I’m getting a little bit fed up with people having a go at me because of my views & experiences with a certain piece of software.

Just because SAM Broadcaster hasn’t caused you any problems, it doesn’t mean other people had the same smooth experience.

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Last updated on: October 23rd, 2016
at 10:24 AM Europe/London

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Tony?

We all know that one person who posts racist shit on social media.

We know someone who is just unbelievable when it comes to racist posts on Facebook.

We wouldn’t mind but most of the stuff this guy posts isn’t even real.

Add the fact that this person is “Gay” then it makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

How can you be Gay and Racist?

You’d think he’s have a hard enough time fighting Homophobia.

I got rid of the bloke off my friends list on a while back because of the racist shit he was posting.

I’ve known a few Racists in my time and they were ALL Cunts.

I will not stand for any form of Racism in any shape or form.

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We’re all Human and have to share the same planet!

So How Do You Solve a Problem Like Tony?

Simple we’re just going to do our best to ignore his bile and point out to him what he is posting is complete and utter bullshit.

Do the world a huge favour mate and just come off the internet altogether.

You’re just wasting precious bandwidth with your crap.


Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 15:35 PM Europe/London

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