Carry On Pirating Software?

OK so there never was a film called “Carry On Pirating” but it would probably have been hilarious.

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It seems that most of the file sharing sites have problems with software pirates.

Earlier today someone shared a link to a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster on Twitter.

I thought I better report it to the website concerned as it’s “Illegal software” that’s being offered.

So I hit “Report Abuse” and gave them all the details as to the software author (Spacial Audio) etc.

Only to be told via email that they can’t take the pirated file down.

“We can only take action if copyright holder informs us about the copyright infringement into the correct sample according to DMCA”

So what’s the point in having a “report abuse” function on your website if you can’t act on people sharing pirated software?

It’s like you’re giving the “TURDS” (My term for software pirates) a licence to crack, hawk and share whatever software they want without any consequences.

In future if I see a link to pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster on 4shared or any other file sharing site.

I’m not going to even bother reporting it as it appears it’s a WASTE OF TIME!

As you were turds! “Carry On Pirating” no one seems bothered by illegal activity on the Internet anymore.

Last updated on: April 3rd, 2017
at 16:18 PM Europe/London

Stop Limiting What Software A Dj Can Use.

Came across a conversation on social media yesterday from someone interested in being a DJ for an online radio community (Habbo).

They were asking what software they needed to use to do a show with.

“You have to use SAM Broadcaster (No exceptions)”

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Why restrict DJ’s to only one piece of software? DJ’s are by their nature are creative people so dictating to them what software they can and can’t use isn’t really going to go down well.

I’d even go as far as saying it may put off potential DJ’s from working for you.

Digging a bit deeper into the “Habbo community” it would appear that there are SAM Broadcaster keys publicly available on one of the fansite forums.

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“So they’re allowing users to openly share keys for software? Naughty Naughty!

Allowing users to share keys to software that costs $299 is not going to make you look good.

I hope Spacial take your fansites/community to court for software piracy!

Just because SAM Broadcaster is there doesn’t mean you have to force people have to use it!

There’s far better software for doing online radio shows with that doesn’t require keys/codes and that’s RadioDJ

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(Click on the logo to download RadioDJ or right click and “Save Link As” to download it to your PC)

Hey “HABBO” stop limiting what software a DJ can use! It should be their choice. OH and tell those fansites to take the illegal software links/keys off their forums while you’re at it. No one likes software piracy!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 19:32 PM Europe/London

Don’t Be A Turd!!!

I look at the SAM Broadcaster feed on Twitter most days to try and see if anyone is still offering illegal cracked copies of the software.

This morning someone shared a link to a video on Youtube with a link to a cracked copy of SAM 4.2.2

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“What got my back up was when I pulled the person up about the fact they were hawking cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster. They seemed to think what they were doing was legitimate and above board”

Erm NO you complete and utter TURD! Hawking illegal copies of paid for software such as SAM Broadcaster isn’t cool or right.

It’s merely still a drop in the ocean though.

“In the last 90 days 4,576 visitors to my blog have actively been looking at the posts to do with SAM Broadcaster keys/cracks.

Spacial Audio we think you might have a slight problem with people pirating your software!

If you think it’s cool to offer or supply downloads of a SAM Broadcaster Crack then you really are an Amateur and shouldn’t be doing Internet radio.

STOP Don’t Be a TURD!!! Just download RadioDJ instead.

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program that doesn’t require any keys/patches/cracks in order to work the program.

It will work far better than any pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster you found just lying around on the Internet!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 20:00 PM Europe/London

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