Sam DJ Product Key – No Need!

The searches we see on Google analytics really do make us scratch our heads at times.


It seems there’s NO END to the problem of people wanting to Pirate Spacial Audio software such as SAM DJ & SAM Broadcaster Pro.

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Last updated on: 29th May 2020
at 09:20 AM Europe/London

Have You Got A Key For Sam Broadcaster?

I checked my Twitter account recently and saw a tweet asking me this:

@DJGarybaldy have you got a key? Just want to start myself off with the basic SAM Broadcaster Pro

Said: Anonymous

OK so how the hell could I possibly have a key for SAM Broadcaster Pro? I’m not paying over the odds for a shoddy piece of software.

I personally cannot abide that piece of software its been the cause of so many headaches and frustration.

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Last updated on: 10th January 2020
at 12:44 PM Europe/London