Sorry For The Bullshit

Sorry for The Bullshit!

I’ve just seen Spacial Audio tech support reach a new low.

They’re now blaming someones ISP for the fact support emails aren’t getting through.

Spacial Bullshit

An ISP wouldn’t be blocking email. An email provider might but NOT the ISP.

It’s lame excuse after lame excuse when it comes to support from Spacial.

It seems it’s everybody else’s fault but never their own.

With a support dept as incapable as this I’m amazed people are still paying for this poor service.

It’s time to STOP buying SAM Broadcaster from Spacial as their support dept obviously doesn’t care for the people it’s supposed to be supporting.

They’re more interested in taking money rather than fix problems.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 23:21 PM Europe/London

Stop Spamming Me Spacial Audio

I’ve just recieved an email from offering me SAM broadcaster at a knocked down price.

Apparently it’s their 15th anniversary.

15th anniversary of making crap software was that?

I want to know why I’m still getting emails from this bunch of clowns. Especially when I quite clearly asked them to remove my email from their database over 3 years ago.

stop spam

Stop Spamming Me Spacial Audio! I don’t want SAM broadcaster now or ever again.

I’ve got far better FREE software to broadcast with now.

I’ve added their sales email address to spam assasin. Just to be on the safe side I better set up a filter in thunderbird so I don’t see them ever again.

It’s not your given right to spam people via email Spacial. Get my email address off your system NOW!

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