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“Audio streaming problems with Listen2myradio”

I’ve written before about the free streaming service from Listen2My Radio not being up to the job.

I tried the free service a few years ago and it sounds like nothing has really changed with their free servers.

The servers NEVER held up for long periods of time even when streaming at 64kbps it would cough and splutter. An unstable stream won’t win you many listeners!

Hi, @Listen2myradio I have noticed today my shoutcast server goes off every hour, before, the server stayed on all the time, please help me!

Yes we’re aware they do paid for server plans but we have no idea how stable that service is.

“We guess the free service suffers with buffering/dropouts because they allocate the lions share of the bandwidth to the paid for servers”

I really don’t trust the free Shoutcast/Icecast services as you’re at the mercy of the loads/bandwidth on their servers and If those servers aren’t performing as they should then of course your going to have major issues.

As I’ve suggested in previous posts about this subject.

You really need to fork out and pay for a Shoutcast Host or rent a self managed VPS from as little as $7.95 a month and run Shoutcast on that.

That way you have full control when you have your own streaming server. If you don’t know how to manage a server then a good place to start learning is usually Google you’ll probably find a solution to your questions/problems by searching.

Like everything else it’s bound to take time to learn IF you don’t know Linux. Even I’m still learning about certain aspects of it all and I’m a relative newbie to a VPS…

Some of the control panels for a VPS tend to come with a built in Shoutcast option.

The one we used did even though it’s only Shoutcast v1.9.8 if you want Shoutcast v2 you’ll need to look at Centova.

SC Server Control

“Unfortunately NOT everything in the world of Internet radio is free, If you want a reliable & stable stream then you will have to pay a host $$$ for the privilege.”

If you’re deadly serious about your online radio station, Then we recommend that you don’t bother with free shoutcast servers as they won’t give you the stability your listeners expect. You need to do things properly and pay for your streaming servers

Last updated on: 27th July 2018
at 08:36 AM Europe/London