By now you’ll probably be aware that have gone out of business they’re the people who licenced online radio stations in the USA.

“ is closed for business. Effective June 14, 2019, has officially closed its doors and is no longer in business. This includes licensing, players, and all other services”

So where does this leave 1000s of radio stations in the USA?

They could do as Stream Licensing are suggesting and go with Live365 BUT that could end up costing some stations the best part of $199/$274 a MONTH if they want to broadcast legally (Although Live365 isn’t covered by ASCAP)

It’s almost as if hobby broadcasters are being priced out of the market.

Otherwise stations would have to negotiate terms with all the individual the licensing authorities in the USA but even then its going to cost them lots of $$$.

We guess some station owners will have decided enough is enough and will have pulled their stations off air altogether. Although I wonder if any of them have decided to try and run the gauntlet as a pirate station?

The closure of Stream Licensing is also going to have a knock on effect for Shoutcast Hosting companies and Radio software manufacturers.

It seems yet again Internetradio is in limbo while lots of station owners decide what they’re going to do with their stations.

Update: I’ve found a blog post from a user who has had issues with Stream licensing & it makes for Interesting Reading

Another user posted on a forum that stream licencing were still taking money from his credit card after they’d gone out of business.

Always knew there was something not quite right with them… I hope he gets his cash back.

Another user who has ran a Jazz station for a long time had this to say on a forum:

Stream Licencing it appears was crooked for a long time & they hadn’t been paying the correct amount of royalties for some time.

Last updated on: 22nd September 2019
at 15:32 PM Europe/London