Just a friendly reminder: If you’re going to attempt to troll me on social media or the internet get “your” facts straight first!

Troll Mad

I’m getting a little bit fed up with people having a go at me because of my views & experiences with a certain piece of software.

Just because SAM Broadcaster hasn’t caused you any problems, it doesn’t mean other people had the same smooth experience.

ALL issues documented about SAM Broadcaster on this website have happened to us or a particular user of the software at one point or another.

I just state facts about the programs problems, issues and annoyances and there’s LOTS of annoyances with SAM Broadcaster.

“It’s NOT my fault if SAM Broadcaster wasn’t coded properly to begin with. SAM Broadcaster really was the most infuriating piece of software I ever had the misfortune of using”

It would be a cold day in hell before I’d pay $$$ to Spacial Audio for a copy of their software again.

Ask yourself these questions!

1) Do my posts on social media break any laws?
2) Do my my blog posts break any laws?
3) Do my my views break any laws?

Answer: Of course they don’t!

Most of the posts on this website are personal views about the world of Internet radio and software.


Last time I looked there was this thing called “Freedom Of Speech” which most of us are entitled to!

Don’t start slinging abuse because you don’t agree with my views…It just won’t wash anymore.

Stop being petty Internet radio is a hobby to some people NOT a competition.

Now if you don’t mind I’ve got some NICE people to go and help!

Last updated on: 23rd October 2016
at 10:24 AM Europe/London