A while ago someone posted to my (now defunct) Facebook page telling me to Stop promoting RadioDJ…

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

Excuse me while I laugh, You want me to do what? Not going to happen mate!

It makes me wonder why I bother some days when all I get back from certain quarters of the Internet radio community is abuse.

This is just the latest in a long line of nasty/abusive comments all because I promote a free piece of software over paid for software like SAM Broadcaster.

You just need to search this blog to find out just how awful SAM Broadcaster is as a piece of software.

RadioDJ doesn’t let us down because its a well designed piece of radio automation software.

How To Install RadioDJ

These comments would be funny if they weren’t so ever pathetic…

Last updated on: 9th December 2019
at 08:40 AM Europe/London