I log onto social media most days to find idiots trying to hawk illegal pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

Why are people bothering offering cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster anyway?

“Some of the versions of SAM Broadcaster they’re trying to crack/patch won’t work on Windows 10 anyway, NOT even in Compatibility mode!”

Listen up people YOU don’t need a SAM Broadcaster crack/patch/key when you have RadioDJ FREE Radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation

RadioDJ will OUTPERFORM any old copy of SAM Broadcaster that you might have found lying around the Internet.

How To Install RadioDJ

Plus RadioDJ works on Windows 8/10 without any issues its really stable & reliable.

By using FREE software you won’t be putting put your computer at risk of malware or viruses either!

Malware spy

Stop Hawking illegal Copies Of SAM Broadcaster (Pro) and just use freely available software instead!

Last updated on: 9th December 2019
at 14:41 PM Europe/London