Reading a topic on the Spacial forums from a user who’s having those dreaded Buffering issues with the encoders in SAM Broadcaster.

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The SVS volunteers on the Spacial forums are trying yet again to blame the problem on the user’s connection.

“We can guarantee It’s NOT the user’s broadband connection, ISP or even the Shoutcast/Icecast server at fault, It’s the encoders in SAM Broadcaster being poorly coded”

The user has already explained that their Internet connection is working as it should…

Even the old Winamp DSP plugin encoders suffered from the same problem.

“It’s a long standing BUG in badly coded software”

SAM Broadcaster encoders disconnection

I’ve written before about the encoders in SAM Broadcaster buffering.

It’s nothing new there are still over 28 pages of posts on the subject on the SAM Broadcaster forums.

All of those users being told it’s their computer or Internet connection at fault when in reality it’s the software itself.

The encoders buffering in SAM Broadcaster is a BUG that has never been fixed in 20 years and has been in the program since the early days

We really do wish Spacial SVS support on the forums would stop blaming peoples connections when the encoders buffer in SAM Broadcaster.

Last updated on: 14th August 2019
at 14:42 PM Europe/London