We’ve tried the DSP Stereo Tool Audio Processor plugin in its many guises over the years with varying results.


However it is used by lots of people who use RadioDJ v1.8.2

How do you install Stereo Tool Audio Processor in RadioDJ v1.8.2?

1) Install the DSP Stacker plugin for RadioDJ

2) Download the latest Winamp DSP version of Stereotool

3) Run the installer and browse to the RadioDJ plugins folder. (e.g C:\RadioDJ\Plugins) remove the Winamp folder part.


4) Click on Install, ignore this warning and click yes.


If all has gone to plan the dsp_stereo_tool.dll should now be in your plugins directory.

5) Start RadioDJ go to Options and click the plugins button. Highlight the DSP plugin and click on show.


Highlight the stereo tool DSP in the top list and click the green + to add it to the list of DSP’s you wish to use. Double click on the plugin and the Stereo tool plugin should now be visible.

Please note: Support for the RadioDJ DSP stacker plugin is somewhat limited. You can ask on the RadioDJ forums but you aren’t guaranteed to get help.

Also please note: The native DSP plugin will not work with future versions of RadioDJ hence why its now listed as a v1.8.2 plugin.

If the new version allows DSP plugins then I’ll update this post.

If you want to run Stereotool alongside RadioDJ v2.0.0 you’ll need to download the stand alone version of the software.

Last updated on: 16th July 2019
at 17:15 PM Europe/London