I looked at my Google analytics dashboard at the stats for my website for the period of 1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017

Yet again I’m blown away by the numbers of people visiting.

61,413 users, 311,051 page views & New sessions 74.37%

At least 31,634 of those page views were for the posts I’ve written about SAM Broadcaster Cracks/Keys etc…

Interesting to note that’s up on the 2016 total of 6,601

That’s one thing that hasn’t gone away if anything its got worse with people constantly looking for ways to bypass Spacial Audio’s activation technology.

“It seems nearly everytime I look at Google analytics I see someone somewhere looking at a post about a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster”

I’ve even had people ask me if I have keys for the software

(The Cheek of IT!)

I’m hoping those users have realised by now that they can’t pirate SAM Broadcaster & have moved onto using RadioDJ instead.

At least 25.6% of those users were returning visitors always nice to see people coming back (I really need to get that number up this year)

The hard work will continue as there are bound to be more developments to do with the world of Internet radio and radio automation software.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time out to visit this website and read the posts, its good to know my hard work isn’t all in vain.

This website keeps me busy if nothing else does…

Last updated on: 25th July 2018
at 12:11 PM Europe/London