Have you ever wanted to be a DJ on the Internet?

Its really easy to start your own Internet radio station online plus it may not have to cost you lots of $$$

There are several free radio programs out there from music automation software to encoding/streaming software.

One of the best free pieces of software for starting your own online webradio station is RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation solution with no nasty catches or hidden fees – Just free software

RadioDJ V2

How To Install RadioDJ

That’s the music automation taken care of, In order to stream you will need an encoding program that will stream to either a Shoutcast or Icecast server.

You can find Shoutcast and Icecast servers via a Google search

Make sure you choose your genre of station wisely, Make yourself stand out from the crowd, Be unique and above all enjoy yourself.

“Crap in = Crap out: Make sure your music files are ripped/recorded properly no one will listen to you if your music sounds awful”

General rule of thumb is to rip .mp3 files at 320kbps or WAV/FLAC files to make your audio sound decent.

Once you learn how to stream its a really great hobby to have. Make sure you do some research on the Internet for tricks and tips

Its not that difficult to start your own radio station online, its a lot easier than it used to be.

If you get really stuck ask for help on a forum or social media.

In order to be legal in your country of origin you will need a licence to stream with, That is of course unless you want to take your chances as a Pirate!

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 14:19 PM Europe/London