Spacial Audio have tweeted about starting an Internet radio station from only $15 a month.

Screenshot Spacial advert

What exactly does $15 a month get you?

Now that maybe sounds like a bargain until you start digging a bit deeper into Spacial Audio as a company.

We know from other users bitter experience that Spacial Audio really do not like giving support after users have purchased a product or service from them.

You’ll hand over your money and when you run into issues with the software or your stream you will simply be ignored.

Matthew the Spacial Audio customer service representative seems to have a bad attitude according to most of the disgruntled customers I’ve seen berating him on social media.

However YOU can forget handing over $180 a year just to use SAM Broadcaster Cloud and SAM Broadcaster Live DJ

Recently I became aware of a free stream host who actually seem to be decent.

Zeno FM popped up on my radar when other users of RadioDJ said they were using them with no issues.

You get quite a good deal for FREE.

And you get enough storage for 500 tracks or 1GB according to a guide I saw. So if your connection goes down Zeno FM’s AutoDJ takes over. I haven’t had chance to test that part of it but there’s nothing really stopping you now is there?

I’ve been using ZenoFM to run a test stream for around a month now and so far it hasn’t really let me down. It seems a lot more stable than OTHER free streaming providers.

Sorry Spacial but your offers are always too good to be true…