Streaming a radio station online can be a fun thing to do, You have a few bits of software that can help you start your own free online radio station.


Here are some of the free Internetradio software offerings.

1) RadioDJ

RadioDJv2 free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

2) MB Recaster (4 free encoders) M B Recaster


3) SE Caster Stand Alone Encoder

Download SE Caster

4) (Virtual Audio Cables)

This program enables you to route the audio from your automation program to the encoding program without the need for a sound card

Download Breakaway Pipeline

“Now here’s the kicker: We would be misleading you if we said everything is totally 100% free, You will have to pay out for studio hardware such as headphones/microphones/mixers Licences, Streaming etc…”

(Unless you already have all the gear)

We found its always best you use a mixing desk to route the audio from your microphone to the stand alone encoder that way you’ll sound far more professional, a piece of software that can help with your vocal audio routing is VoiceMeeter

You can pick mixing desks/headphones/microphones up on sites like eBay, Amazon or any good DJ equipment website. Don’t go for a cheap microphone either spend a fair bit on your microphone it will last you you longer as well as make you sound great.

Tip: Blue is the colour of the Line In Socket

You can find free Shoutcast/Icecast servers to stream to by searching Google

Once you have everything installed and configured you should then be good to go, although don’t expect to learn how everything works in the space of five minutes have some patience it can take time to get your head around things.

“Make your station unique and stand out from the crowd and who knows you could be the next big name in Internet radio”

As we’ve already mentioned you will need a licence to broadcast to legally broadcast in your country of origin you must obtain a licence to stream from the relevant authorities

That is unless you want to run the gauntlet of being a Pirate station. The choice is yours we cannot decide that for you!

Don’t be afraid to search and read the Internet if you’re not sure what to do next, there is always a blog post somewhere that is likely to help you out.

We hope this post has caught your imagination and you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own online radio station. Happy Streaming!

Last updated on: 31st August 2018
at 14:15 PM Europe/London