Q: Have you ever wanted to create an online Internet radio station?

“Internet radio can be a really great hobby to have, Once you get used to how everything works it’s great fun. It can be daunting at first but don’t be afraid of searching Google or radio forums for tips and advice”

Most people think setting up an online Internet radio station will cost them lots of $$$.

“It need not cost you anything to initially setup your own online radio station”

Yes you heard that right! You can create your Internet radio station for FREE with RadioDJ

You will need a decent PC with minimum of 1GB RAM and a decent broadband connection in order to stream successfully.

It also helps if you have a decent music collection (Minimum of 2000 tracks at least to avoid people hearing the same thing time after time)

“RadioDJ is a fully fledged radio studio automation package which once installed and configured works rather well at automating music/jingles/promos, Which of course is what the program was designed to do”

RadioDJ can be left alone for long periods of time to do what it does best.

How To Install RadioDJ

You can find some other handy radio software downloads on this page

If you have any issues setting RadioDJ up you can find help on the Community Forums

After you’ve installed RadioDJ you will then need a Shoutcast or Icecast server to stream to.

Shoutcast DNAS server page

You can find some FREE Shoutcast/Icecast radio streaming server hosting by searching Google for Free Streaming servers but these aren’t really recommended if you’re serious about radio.

Best advice we can give you is to pay a Shoutcast/Icecast host for a server from around $2/3 a month.

“Do searches on Google for a stream host, Beware of Shoutcast/Icecast hosts who offer “Unlimited Listeners” their servers sometimes aren’t up the job”

Make your online radio station sound unique! Stand out from the crowd and who knows eventually you could have a successful Internet radio station.

Tip: Be patient don’t expect to learn everything within 5 minutes, Like every hobby it will take time to get used to what does what.

Please Note: In order to be Legal in your country of origin you will need a licence to stream music on the Internet. That is unless you want to run the gauntlet of being a pirate station

Happy streaming!

P.S: Yes RadioDJ really is FREE although future versions may have some paid for features but the basic version will still be available free of charge to those who require it.

Last updated on: 17th August 2018
at 15:18 PM Europe/London