With RadioDJ v.2.0.0 (free) you have to use a stand-alone encoder.

Using a stand alone encoder solution means RadioDJ can be left alone to do what its does best and that’s AUTOMATE music and jingles.

Its a method we used for a long time when we were streaming with RadioDJ running alongside Edcast or MB Recaster.

Here are just some of the free Internet radio stream encoders available.

1) MB Recaster MB Recaster


  • Capture audio from any sound card, input from microphone, line or stereo mix
  • Up to 4 encoders of any format (Shoutcast v1/v2, Icecast v2)
  • Codec MP3 24 to 320k, AAC+ 16 to 96k, AAC 128 to 320k, Opus 20 to 320K, OGG 32 to 256K
  • Advanced audio processing functions by using the onboard DSP plugins

2) Sound Empire Caster ($0.00)


This is standalone encoder that recently came to my attention.

Download SE Caster Here

Just unzip the program folder and place on the C:\ drive outside of the program folder.

It supports DSP plugins so may be an alternative if you still want to use Stereotool or other DSP sound processing. Just place the required files in the SECaster program folder.

Please note: We’ve scanned for Malware and Viruses and the scanners we used came back clean. If your AV software complains just add the program folder to the exclusion list in your Antivirus software or Windows Defender


If you get a blank message box pop up while trying to run SECaster you may need to install Visual Basic

Visual Basic Download unzip the folder & install the correct version for your operating system

TIP: If you get white noise over your stream whilst using SE Caster just switch on the AGC in RadioDJ, we’ve been informed that alleviates the issue

3) Edcast: The original stand alone encoder (Shoutcast v1 & Icecast)

Download Edcast Here

(It should connect to Shoutcast v2 servers in legacy mode at least it did on our test server)

Edcast is Not supported use at own risk!

Happy streaming!

There are other stand alone encoding programs available but they aren’t listed on this website for reasons beyond my control.

N.B: Anyone wanting Altacast standalone will have look On the Altacast Website

Last updated on: 8th November 2018
at 19:14 PM Europe/London