I’ve been into Internet radio for a long time now. In all those years I’ve learnt a lot of things about streaming on the Internet.

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It’s been a fun thing to learn about. At times it’s been hard work because software wasn’t doing the job it was designed for.

“The biggest issue we’ve encountered when it came to the Internet radio automation software offerings has always been the lack of stability or reliability, We could never get a stream to hold up for longer than 2 days with certain software”

We don’t appear to have that problem with 1RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

We began using RadioDJ v1.3.7.0 back in 2011 and that worked like a Trojan running our stream. A few months later v1.6.0 came out and that was even better.

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The newer versions of RadioDJ are far more powerful than was.

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RadioDJ just sits quietly in the background automating the music for my local Chomecast stream

(Gave up running an online stream a few years ago now)

“We know of one user who has gone 24 months without restarting RadioDJ”

So if you’re looking for a stable & reliable DJ program for use on InternetRadio then RadioDJ is what you need.

RadioDJv2 free

Download RadioDJ v2

Once you get past the Installation of RadioDJ the program just runs and runs without the need for a restart.

Usually the only reason RadioDJ needs a restart is because of Windows updates.

We’ve tried nearly all the available software for Internet radio and nothing comes close to RadioDJ.

Stability? RadioDJ has that in “Spades” try it for yourself today, It’s 100% FREE so you have nothing to lose

1RadioDJ free radio automation really is FREE future versions may have some paid for features NOT Misleading!

Last updated on: 26th March 2018
at 14:59 PM Europe/London