I’ve been into Internet radio for a long time now (Over 20 Years) In all those years I’ve learnt a lot of things about streaming on the Internet.

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It’s been a fun thing to learn about although at times it’s been hard work because software wasn’t up to the job.

We don’t appear to have that problem with RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

We began using RadioDJ v1.3.7.0 back in 2010 and that worked like a Trojan running the music for our local stream.

A few months later v1.6.0 came out and that was even better and served us well until we started testing the beta versions of what is now a totally different beast to what it was 8 years ago.

The only time RadioDJ needs a restart is after Windows updates there’s really no escaping them if you want a secure computer.

How To Install RadioDJ

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Last updated on: 26th December 2019
at 16:16 PM Europe/London