Whenever I hear the words Solid State I think back to a transistor radio I once owned when I was a kid.

Solid State radio

How technology has come on since the days of solid state radios…

We’ve only recently been able to afford solid state drives as the prices a few years back were eye watering but they’ve thankfully come down in price.

You can pick up a 1TB Solid State drive for around £100/$123 these days.

I’ve been running my computer on a 240GB SSD for quite some time now running Ubuntu Studio and the computer on a whole is amazingly stable.

Kingston 204GB SSD

So why should you choose an SSD? 1 word = Performance.

Our computers always perform like a star when they’re running.

Recently we bought a new PC for my husband and ended up with a spare 240GB drive. I commandeered it for my music files and its the best decision I’ve made.

I’m planning on replacing the old spindle drive with a 1TB SSD soon. But that will have to wait until finances improve.

radiodj vmware

Its definitely improved performance by moving music files off the old hard drive. Old drives seem ever so sluggish now compared to an SSD.

If only SSD had been a thing 18 years ago when I first purchased a PC. The hard drive on my first computer was loud and slow (512MB) with 80GB.

My computer is now the most powerful machine I’ve ever owned. Happy dance!

Last updated on: 6th March 2020
at 11:58 AM Europe/London