This past few years has seen a rise in the big music streaming services such as Deezer, Amazon Music & Spotify etc.

Now it would appear that these streaming services are threatening the future of Internet radio.

Internetradio is getting beaten on all fronts, if isn’t the rise of the many streaming services, it’s the royalty agencies pricing the hobby broadcasters out of the game.

Also there’s just been a huge rise in the amount of royalties paid by Internet radio stations and it could force lots of stations to go off air altogether.

Internet radio station owners keep getting screwed over time and again when it comes to royalty payment agencies, LoudCity came and went a few years back and it emerged they weren’t paying out the right amount of royalties to the relevant agencies and sadly it appears Stream Licencing have (allegedly) been doing the same…

All the fun has been taken out of the Internet broadcasting game. I can remember when it was fun being a Broadcaster online. Now most stations live in fear not knowing if they’ve been paying the right royalties to various collection agencies and worry that their station may be forced to shut down.

Internet radio has long borne the brunt of the royalties demanded and it’s a lot more expensive than it was 20 years ago when sites like Shoutcast/Live365 were in their infancy.

Its a sad state of affairs right now for Internet radio!

Last updated on: 14th April 2020
at 08:00 AM Europe/London