When it comes to Spacial Audio and their software it seems people struggle to get help from the support department when something goes wrong with it.

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People are paying out hundreds & even sometimes thousands of $$$ for software from Spacial Audio.

You’d at least think they’d get some support when the the software goes wrong after they have paid for it?

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@spacial I recently switch to SAM CLOUD from SBPro. Having issues with stream disconnects and Support doesn't seem to help. Pls msg me.

EMix! Radio (@EMixRadioUSA)

It seems that the Spacial Audio support desk don’t want to know about users problems with their software.

Not a week goes by without us seeing someone having problems getting a straight answer from Spacial Audio support.

Sadly the support forums aren’t much use either you won’t get much help on there.

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If you need radio automation software then DON’T pay Spacial $$$ for SAM Broadcaster.

Instead have a look for better FREE options such as RadioDJ

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ has great support via the Community Forums where other users will try and help with your issues in a timely friendly manner.

Download RadioDJ v2

(Click on the logo to download RadioDJ or right click and “Save Link As” to download it to your PC)

When are people going to wake up and realise that Spacial Audio make bad software and when it goes wrong you won’t get the help you need?

Quote from Facebook: Spacial Audio really needs to respond via telephone or email, Tech support is time consuming and useless for certain issues, they appear to wash their hands of you once they have your money

The Spacial Audio support team really need to drop the “Nothing to do with us” attitude.

Here’s a brilliant idea guys why not start helping people with the issues with your software? Too Simple? Thought So!

Do NOT buy software from Spacial Audio. You & your wallet will only end up regretting it!

Last updated on: 26th March 2018
at 09:37 AM Europe/London