So we’re nearly out of the beta stage with the new version of RadioDJ v1.6.3.2 it seems to be really stable and runs like a dream.

Spacial Audio should really start getting worried as RadioDJ is now 100% better than SAM Broadcaster ever could be.

Workspace 1_001

With various plugins for RadioDJ now you have a fully fledged next generation radio automation program.

It now has streaming capabilities with the encoding plugin.

With the sound processing plugin you shouldn’t need any external processing like Breakaway/Stereo tool.

There is just the online request system to come and “Bang” you have a rival to SAM Broadcaster!

So what would you rather do?

A) Pay $299 upwards for a copy of SAM Broadcaster and wait years for new features?
B) Use a free program such as Radio DJ? Which has new features added with every release?

We know which option we would pick. Option B RadioDJ all the way,

RadioDJ is absolutely fantastic and for a FREE program you cant really go wrong.

And Yes it really is free despite what some software blogs may tell you, How To Install RadioDJ

Although from v2.0.0 there will be a paid for fork of the software (Not released yet) but the free version will still be available to those who need it.

Seriously ditch SAM Broadcaster and start using RadioDJ

How To Install RadioDJ

You’ll be glad you made the switch!

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 15:41 PM Europe/London