Spacial Audio have now rebranded SAM Vibe to SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

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Is that because the SVS volunteers on the support forums get easily confused between SAM Vibe and SAM DJ?

SAM Broadcaster Cloud has been plagued with problems since Spacial launched it.

With frequent outages sometimes for more than 4/5 hours. People trying to connect SAM Broadcaster Pro/Live DJ to SAM Broadcaster Cloud have had nothing but headaches with buffering issues.

Will the name change improve SAM Broadcaster Cloud?

The service probably won’t improve any, nor will the shoddy customer service. Spacial Audio rarely take notice of what their customers want anyway.

We certainly won’t be signing up to it anytime soon. We’re quite happy with RadioDJ automating our music on our systems.

You could achieve the same thing by buying a Windows VPS server in a data centre and running RadioDJ on that.

Lets face it Cloud is just a posh name for a Server.

It would hold up a lot longer than SAM Broadcaster Cloud appears to.

Forget Spacial Audio & their Cloud based solutions. You have no real control over what happens when their Microsoft Azure data centre goes down.

Last updated on: 23rd September 2019
at 11:06 AM Europe/London