Just seen another blog post from Spacial Audio going on about the reasons you should choose them or their software solutions.

They start off the article with “Internet radio is most definitely on the up”

Internet radio isn’t “on the up” its been slowly dying this past few years because of the CRB rate changes in the USA, along with companies like Radionomy Geo-blocking streams or delisting stations for using older Shoutcast software. Its frustrating for people who want to broadcast but can’t because of the spiralling costs.

So in reality it’s NOT much fun being an online radio Broadcaster at this point in time.

Further down the article they go on to say that their support department is “Unrivalled”

“What makes Spacial a trusted choice for radio broadcasters is our pretty much unrivalled support team. Our software gurus are on hand to help with any questions or problems you may have, to ensure you get back on track as quickly as possible if you have any issues with your software”

Yes that’s it Spacial LIE to potential customers.

They’ll find out soon enough how bad your customer service is, IF they (foolishly) sign up for your cloud/software services.


We know from our own past experiences that Spacial Audio support centre is lacklustre at the best of times, with the support team sending the same old canned replies or just ignoring users problems. It can sometimes take days/weeks to get a definitive answer from the support desk even then its usually the WRONG one.

Not a week/month goes by without us seeing lots of frustrated users on social media who struggle to get help from the Spacial support team.

@spacial very bad customer service 4 messages don’t answer, pay 100s for software had two PC’s crash at the same time and they tell you your software is void what a rip-off you don’t know how bad a company is till things go wrong beware

A new user on the RadioDJ forums had this to say…

“I recently came from Sam Broadcaster as they we’re raising the price, and yet the support was horrible”

My partner says he’s never known a software company with such “awful customer service” & He works in software support!

We guess Spacial Audio feel the need to spin their “Corporate Bullshit” so someone buys a product from them.

Even the Support forums aren’t much better this was recent reply to a user from one of the SVS volunteers.

“I’m closing this thread. We can’t help you with issues of the new release of SAM”

Our advice: Don’t choose Spacial Audio software it’s the worst decision you will ever make. There are better alternatives these days and some of them are FREE!

Last updated on: 22nd November 2018
at 09:36 AM Europe/London