Spacial Audio Support (Or Lack Of) I’ve known about Spacial Audio & SAM Broadcaster for quite a long time now.

I first tried their software way back in 1999 when SAM Broadcaster v1.3 was around & it looked like a badly designed college project.

SAM Broadcaster v1.3

The one thing we can quite easily say about Spacial Audio Solutions LLC…

Their customer support (or rather lack of) really does suck!

@spacial Sam Broadcaster tech support is consistently absent! Very frustrating!

@spacial The worst tech support you will ever receive. An entire day went by,
downgraded my urgency and now nothing is working

@spacial I have had an URGENT technical support ticket open (Request #76899) with little to no help whatsoever

You could never get a straight answer from the support desk or even the forums if you had an issue with SAM Broadcaster.

A few years back Spacial Audio said they were going to sort out the problems with their customer service.

Not a month goes by without us seeing an angry post somewhere on social media from a user who has bought software & struggles to get an answer off the support department

This was recent comment to a post on the SAM Broadcaster forums where someone was asking for help.

This is quite frankly appalling IMHO. Especially when customers are paying Spacial $$$ for their software.

My partner works in support for a software company and he said he’s never seen such an awful way of dealing with customers.

Next time you’re looking for radio automation software have a look at free radio automation software such as RadioDJ

RadioDJ has much better support than SAM Broadcaster via the Community Forums

How To Install RadioDJ

Spacial Audio haven’t got a clue how to deal with paying customers.

Stop buying software from them. You’ll only regret parting with that $$$.

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:21 PM Europe/London