Just seen another post on the Spacial Audio SAM Broadcaster forums from the same user who was having unacceptable activation problems

The Spacial Audio support department has now told this user that they cannot find a record of their licence for SAM Broadcaster Pro.

“Now I am told via the Help Desk, Spacial Audio has no record of my licence”

They provided this screenshot & You can clearly see from the picture that they have a genuine licence for SAM Broadcaster.


Maybe Spacial Audio need a better computer database system?

This is NOT the first time we’ve heard of someone being told that Spacial had no record of someone purchasing their software.

“If they can’t get the basics about customer accounts right… What the hell is going on in the rest of the company? Who wants to do business with a company that treats their customer base so badly?”

Yet more reasons to STOP buying software from Spacial Audio.

If I was this person I’d be telling them where to get off and I’d also stop using their software.

FREE Radio Automation software anyone?

You wouldn’t have to worry again about a software company losing your personal account details!

What an utter shambles Spacial Audio Solutions are.

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:45 AM Europe/London