Spacial Audio Solutions Does Not Support PAL Scripting.

If its not one thing its another when it comes to Spacial Audio and their software support.

Just seen this on the Spacial forums from the customer service manager after someone was asking for help with a PAL Script.

Not supporting a prominent feature in your software makes you look bad. Its this sort of attitude from the customer support department that makes Spacial Audio a JOKE.

Mind PAL scripts have a nasty habit of crashing SAM Broadcaster especially if they aren’t coded correctly.

I could never get PAL scripts to work without SAM Broadcaster spitting its dummy out and those were scripts available from the SAM Broadcaster forums written by users of the software.

My advice: Switch to RadioDJ it has a better feature Track(s) from SQL Query

SQL queries won’t crash RadioDJ like PAL scripts do with SAM Broadcaster!

Why are people still paying $$$ out to Spacial Audio for software when they clearly don’t give a damn about the customers after they’ve purchased products?

PAL = Playlist Automation Language

Last updated on: 9th December 2019
at 13:07 PM Europe/London