"Spacial Audio Can Go To Hell In a Handbasket!"

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This is by far and away the best comment that someone else has said about Spacial Audio Solutions LLC.

It would appear that Spacial Audio do NOT like it when someone pulls them up about their lies in their blog posts.

Spacial Audio always seem to throw their toys out of the pram or bury their heads in sand when it comes to SAM Broadcaster and it’s major ISSUES!

It was the same on the SAM Broadcaster Forums. If you dared to criticise or complain about SAM Broadcaster and its many issues you got shot down in flames and got called names like Turd or Noob by Festerhead.

They’ve even gone as far as to claim we use marketing gimmicks to promote RadioDJ. RadioDJ doesn’t need gimmicks it speaks well enough for itself and its shouting from the rooftops how great it is by the download figures.

There is better Radio DJ playout software for free these days,

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We guess that’s what’s got Spacial Audio so rattled: The fact there’s a better free alternative to their buggy overpriced software offerings.

How To Install RadioDJ

The only people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products are worth even less.

Again despite what “Others” may say RadioDJ is also very reliable and stable. It works for days/weeks and even months without anyone keeping an eye on the software.

One user reported an uptime of over 4 years uninterrupted.

Also If download figures are to be believed, we reckon they must be losing customers left right and centre to better free software such as RadioDJ!

We guess the smart broadcasters have now discovered how good RadioDJ is compared to SAM Broadcaster.

Unless Spacial Audio change their attitude no one is going to want to buy their software with it’s bugs and other random crashing issues.

Spacial Audio need to start listening to the people who buy their software otherwise they won’t get very far as a company there’s only so many customers they can piss off…

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

Last updated on: 3rd May 2020
at 14:54 PM Europe/London