Went for a look recently on the Spacial Audio/SAM Broadcaster forums to see a post where someone was letting off steam about Spacial Audio support being Pathetic

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He was wanting to purchase an upgrade but wasn’t getting very far with the support department and the representative manning the support desk.

Seems the person manning the support desk suggested that he contacted Cleverbridge (Who handle Spacial Payment Systems)

Why couldn’t the Support agent handle the request for an upgrade or forward the users details on to sales? We presume they have the ability to do this (email perhaps?)

If not that’s incredibly bad customer service.

Why do people still want to do business with Spacial Audio no one seems to know what they’re doing, The support department just keeps churning out the same replies time and time again.

Spacial Audio aren’t a company anyone should be doing business with they treat customers like dirt and sometimes accuse users of sharing their keys (exceeding activations) when they aren’t.

I wouldn’t have to write posts like this if people stopped buying software/services from Spacial Audio.

Its becoming quite clear that Spacial Audio just do NOT have a clue about how to deal with customers and they certainly don’t like giving after sales support.

These users wouldn’t have these issues if they just Switched Software

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Last updated on: 8th December 2019
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