Just need to clear up a couple of things…

Firstly: Someone has uploaded a mix to Soundcloud using DJ Garybaldy as the name of DJ who remixed the track.


That remix is NOTHING to do with me.

I do mixes but I sure as shit don’t try remixing stuff that’s never been my bag.

I’m guessing it’s some kid in a bedroom somewhere calling himself by the same name.

“I’ve never had a Soundcloud account and have no intention of signing up for one anytime soon”

I’m also aware of another UK DJ calling himself DJ Garybaldi that’s NOT me either he’s a DJ from London!

I do how ever have genuine mixes done by me on Mixcloud.

Which can be found on my Mixes page

Secondly: Not every BAD radio software review or post is done by me…

Bad software review

If I think a piece of radio automation software is a PILE OF PANTS! Then I will tell people via this BLOG!

I certainly wouldn’t be posting it on a forum that’s why this BLOG was setup because I wasn’t allowed FREE SPEECH about a certain piece of software.

So next time get your FACTS straight!

” Not every bad radio automation software review is done by me. I don’t need to review any other software again as RadioDJ is just the perfect program and always will be”

Thirdly: You can block me all you like on Social media… (Looks at Spacial Audio)

Click to enlarge

I can still see the lies & spin by looking at your Twitter profile from another browser/account.

I realise you don’t like me because of my dislike and posts about your badly coded software.

If SAM Broadcaster had been coded properly in the first place. Maybe I wouldn’t be letting people know just how shoddy your products are Spacial Audio.

Last time I looked it was called an OPINION. But of course you don’t believe in FREE speech do you Spacial?

“The second someone dares to criticise you or your software on Social Media you remove their posts and block them.

Not a very professional way of dealing with people who may be spending hundreds of $$$ with you”

Spacial need to start to listening to their customers & they also need to stop lying to their customers otherwise they’ll not win any respect.

Last fuck given.

I’ve long stopped caring what the TROLLS and naysayers in the world of Internet radio think about me…

“I’m getting far more “Thank You’s” for certain blog posts than I am abuse these days so I must be doing something right somewhere!

N.B: Remember other blogs are also available…Feel free to read one of them if you don’t like what’s written on mine!

Last updated on: 29th December 2017
at 15:30 PM Europe/London