Just seen a Tweet from Sound Exchange saying that last year they collected over $800 million dollars in royalty payments in 2015.

Which they say was “A record-setting year”

SoundExchange Tweets

Yet they claim the music industry is struggling financially?

I don’t think it is with figures like this being raked in from performances of artists songs.

We wonder how much of that money the artists/songwriters actually saw?

We also wonder what the amount collected in 2016 will be? Considering they’ve just forced 1000’s of Internet Broadcasters off air in the USA.

I think they will see the amount raked in from royalty payments plummet this year & I also predict that they won’t do anything to change the new CRB performance rates for small Broadcasters.

Back in 2002 the music industry never really cared much for Internet radio stations and it seems nothing has changed.

Something somewhere needs to change and change for the better. They need to stop seeing Internet radio as an enemy.

A lot of station owners are feeling pretty hard done by right now as their Live365 stations start going off line.

It’s more proof of pure greed on the part of the men in suits who run the BIG corporate record labels/royalties agencies.

“Don’t BITE the hand that feeds you…”

Last updated on: 29th May 2017
at 08:01 AM Europe/London