Sound Empire Caster

This is standalone encoder that recently came to my attention.

“If SE Caster doesn’t recognise your onboard soundcard on Windows 10 you may need to Install Virtual Audio cables or Voicemeeter in order to stream don’t forget to restart RadioDJ after any soundcard changes”

Virtual Audio Cables can be found Here

Download SE Caster Here

Just Unzip the .zip folder and place the SE Caster program folder onto your C:\ drive. Then just open the SECaster.exe file as you would any other program.

TIP: If you want to run more than 1 instance of SE Caster just copy the folder to another location rename it and then place the renamed folder back on the C:\ drive, Just run the .exe and give it another instance/line in virtual audio cables

There aren’t many places to configure things so if you’ve used an encoding program before you shouldn’t have any problems setting this up.

Tip: If you get a blank message box pop up while trying to run SECaster you may need to install Visual Basic

Visual Basic Download install the correct version for your operating system.

Note: All downloads supplied as seen, Use at own risk

Please note:

“Some virus scanners think there are viruses in SE Caster but we’ve scanned and scanned again with reputable online virus scanners and it comes back clean. It’s very much a False/Positive”


Last updated on: 27th July 2018
at 15:53 PM Europe/London