This is a piece of encoding software that recently came to my attention. Its still very much under development but seems stable in our tests.

Sound Empire Caster

You can download a copy from Here

Just Unzip and place the SE Caster program folder onto your C:\ drive. Then just open the .exe file as you would any other program.

There aren’t many places to configure things so if you’ve used an encoding program before you shouldn’t have any problems setting this up.

Please note: Some Antivirus solutions/scanners seem to think there are viruses in the SE Caster program files but we can assure you we’ve scanned and scanned again using several online scanners. Kaspersky says the files are safe to use and that’s the one we generally trust these days

Note: All downloads supplied as seen, Use at own risk

Last updated on: June 11th, 2017
at 16:00 PM Europe/London

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