Saw the latest Blog post from Spacial Audio yesterday.

Seems like they’ve finally acknowledged there are major flaws with SAM Broadcaster.

“We are sorry that you are having trouble with the application and we want to help you resolve this problem as swiftly as possible but in order to do achieve this, the more specific information you can provide the more likely it is we can solve the problem quickly”

The blog post goes onto give examples of common errors that SAM Broadcaster throws up every now and then.

If you’ve used SAM for a long time you will no doubt have ran into a serious “violation” type error every now and then.

(Don’t say you haven’t because that would be a big fat hairy LIE!)

SAM Broadcaster stopped working

“So why the sudden change of attitude by Spacial Audio?”

They’ve gone from years of burying their heads in the sand to suddenly wanting to fix problems within their software.

We guess this sudden change of attitude at Spacial is down to the fact they don’t have Louis Louw controlling things anymore.

Personally we think Louis Louw held up the development of SAM Broadcaster and associated products for years while still raking in the cash from sales.

SAM Broadcaster could have been a really great automation program instead it’s been left in pretty much the same state it was in 16 years ago. Give or take a few GUI changes.

The program still has the same glaring bugs it had way back in v2.7.9 it still crashes without warning.

We can only but hope that the development team at Spacial Audio can finally get on with making software that works for what it was designed for.

Things Spacial Audio really need to fix within SAM Broadcaster:

1) The Encoders: They need to find the root cause of the dreaded “Buffer” problems
2) Double speed bug: Speeds up the music and makes it sound like the Chipmunks
3) Crashing issues: SAM often crashes and is known to freeze and lock up
4) Crossfading: The crossfade in SAM Broadcaster never gave a smooth transition between songs

That’s just four things I can think of off the top of my head that they need to sort but alas the list of known issues with SAM Broadcaster is endless.

If they finally fix the issues within SAM Broadcaster, Who knows we might actually start to like the software…

WE SAID MIGHT! (Don’t hold your breath) Spacial Audio still have a long way to go before we could consider telling people to use their software.

Last updated on: 10th August 2018
at 13:41 PM Europe/London