This is beginning to get beyond a joke now, Spacial Audio do NOT know the meaning of the words “Customer service”

A user took to the Spacial Audio Facebook page to vent their frustration yesterday.

“I’m sorry but your customer support service sucks. I sent you a message, no one responds. I sent a second message and it’s been over a week now and still no response. It’s official, your customer support sucks. Not the way to treat customers especially when they’re having issues like I am with your software”

We know from experience just how frustrated this user is.

When we used Spacial software it wasn’t unusual to get fobbed off by the volunteers on the forums or you simply would not get a reply from the support desk.

“I have been trying to get someone in tech support for months with no luck, I am beginning to think you abandoned those of us who purchased your product”

We believe its now over 3 years since Spacial promised to sort out the problems with their support department and it appears that they’ve done NOTHING.

I am now convinced that @spacial has to have the worse customer service!! 5 days and all now they can’t resolved my issues.!

“Your software sucks, and your customer service is just as bad, I love how someone is there when you want to buy the software and put your money down but when it doesn’t work its not your problem, Submit a Support ticket you say, the support reply is ‘fuck off’ basically”

Said: Donna

Users are getting fed up with receiving the same “canned” replies, That’s when they do eventually get a reply.

The main canned reply from the people who man the social media pages is usually this.

“Please provide us with your ticket number and we will escalate the issue to our Support team”

Even when people do provide the ticket numbers they still don’t end up getting much in the way of support.

“I need a tech to contact me ASAP! Tech Support is a joke & my station is fucked with no one around to fix it? What am I paying for?”

I was taught on a training course years ago when I worked in retail that there is NO excuse for bad customer service in the retail industry

I’m sure that also applies to software support and sales.

Come on Spacial Audio just how hard is it to find people who care about customer support?

Your current team all need better training (or their marching orders) You don’t treat customers badly.

It’s just another reason free software such as RadioDJ is better because it has better support from the users on the community forums. You don’t find people getting fobbed off on there.

“If people stopped paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for software then maybe (just maybe) they would get the message that their services/products/support aren’t up to scratch”

When customer support is dire you need to vote with your wallet and shop elsewhere!

Last updated on: 10th September 2018
at 15:59 PM Europe/London