Just seen the January 2016 news letter from Spacial Audio.

So in the words of Take That “What you gonna promise us this time?”


Well it doesn’t look like they are promising anything much this time around.

They seem determined to plough on with SAM Broadcaster Cloud development rather than make SAM Broadcaster a stable & reliable program.

“2015 was action-packed for Spacial and 2016 promises to be even better”

No it wasn’t! You did nothing with your software while still raking in the $$$ from subscriptions.

It took you until June to get the 2015 editions out even then they didn’t work as they should have.

SAM Broadcaster 2015 Changelog

2016 promises to be even better?

We will believe that when we see it.

You promise the earth every year Spacial Audio and then when it comes round to it you do nothing!

“However we’re constantly looking for ways to make SAM Broadcaster Cloud even better. If you have got any comments, please feel free to send your feedback”

That’s it Spacial ignore everyone who pays $$$ to subscribe to SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio editions again!

Last time we looked Spacial you didn’t even deal with or listen to customer complaints, So we somewhat doubt you’re going to take on board suggestions from other users about what they want from your software/cloud solutions.

You have pages and pages (1210 topics) of Ignored feature requests on the SAM Broadcaster forum to be going on with.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on things again this year… I won’t let Spacial Audio’s LIES and SPIN get in the way of facts!

Now I wonder what ODDS the bookies are going to offer me on Spacial not releasing a thing Until JUNE again?

Watch this space! We predict things can only go further downhill for Spacial Audio this year.

Last updated on: May 29th, 2017
at 08:02 AM Europe/London