Got my hands on SAM Broadcaster 2016.6 this morning to see what if anything had been changed with the program.

The changelog reads like this…


As you can see from the above picture Spacial seem to think that a video on YouTube is a new feature in their program.

“Since when was a video tutorial a new feature in a program?”

It’s not even as if they’ve added anything major in this release either. It’s just updates for something Icecast related alongside some web socket fix.

(Worth noting that SAM Broadcaster 2016 froze while I was taking a screenshot! It had to be killed via Task Manager)

Why on earth are people still paying Spacial Audio $$$ for badly coded software every year?

They go from 1 release to another without doing anything much to improve their software.

Its getting to the point where Spacial appear to be taking the mickey out of their subscribers.

If you really need radio automation then have a look at RadioDJ

RadioDJ is FREE and works like a dream and is written by someone who has a real passion for what he codes. When a new release of RadioDJ comes out you get more than one major update for the software.

Have Spacial Audio lost the plot? We think they may just have.

STOP buying software from Spacial Audio they really don’t appear have a clue about radio automation software!

Last updated on: 2nd January 2018
at 10:50 AM Europe/London