Why Is My Shoutcast Server Private? Was a question asked recently by someone on the Shoutcast forums.

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The user then goes on to say he is using the free Shoutcast service “Listen2MyRadio”

That’s exactly where his problem lies.

Listen2MyRadio don’t allow users Shoutcast servers to be public, Even if you have set your encoder to public.

It’s another huge drawback with a free shoutcast service as you have to get your listeners to tune in via a webpage on their domain.

You could ask their technical support department if they will make your server public but we guess the answer will always be NO.

It’s not even as if the free service on @listen2myradio is any good in the first place It always buffered when I tried the service about 10+ years ago.

I don’t think it’s improved any since I last signed up for a server to test.

“The only way you will get your shoutcast server listed publicly on the shoutcast YP is by paying a host $$$ for a server with listener slots.

Also steer clear of Shoutcast/Icecast hosts that claim to offer “Unlimited” listeners… There NO such thing as “Unlimited” every server maxes out bandwidth eventually.

Last updated on: 31st May 2019
at 16:29 PM Europe/London