Are you looking for a simple way to get now playing info from your Shoutcast server?

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1) You will need a PHP enabled web server with “fsock” connections enabled (Ask your host if they support this most good hosts do)

2) Download This folder

3) Unzip the folder and open the now-playing.php with your favourite text editor (Wordpad will do) and enter the details of your Shoutcast v1 server.

$ip = the IP of your shoutcast server. (e.g:
$port = the port of your shoutcast server (e.g: 8000)

Click Save

4) Upload the now-playing.php file to your public_html directory on your web server & you should now see what’s playing on your stream.



That’s all there is to it. You will need to learn how code it into your website from here on in. There is only so much help & advice I can give.

TIP: Search online radio forums or Google for tips and trick on how to code a radio station website.

P.S This script might not work with a free shoutcast service such as Listen2myradio/CasterFM as they don’t allow external connections.

Last updated on: 20th July 2019
at 15:31 PM Europe/London