Woken up the news that Shoutcast/Radionomy were injecting pre roll adverts into peoples streams.

**Update: DJEgg posted this on the forums**

“We were testing the insertion of pre-rolls for one particular CDN (hosting provider) who’d requested it.
Unfortunately, in the process, pre-rolls for all registered DNAS stations was activated by mistake. We’ve now disabled it.
Thanks everyone for letting us know. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Monetization for DNAS is indeed opt-in, not opt-out”

This was happening to online radio station owners who are using the latest build of the Shoutcast DNAS.

Shoutcast Listings

I logged onto the Winamp/Shoutcast forums and saw this thread and it seems (quite rightly so) that people aren’t happy with this latest move by Radionomy.

I couldn’t agree more with some of the comments.

We also understand from the thread on the forums that Tune-in now also play an advert before they hear a stream, That must be really annoying if you’re surfing stations.

“Adverts on Internet radio stations suck IMHO! Its why I got into Internet radio to get away from the annoying adverts on main stream FM radio”

It’s been heading in this direct ever since Radionomy bought Shoutcast over 3 years ago. Its now clear why they bought the service from AOL.

I know from experience that listeners don’t like crap on Internet radio streams, they tend to tune out if you play a promo for another show on the station.

Question is: What’s the point in playing adverts for a product or service that’s either

A) Miles away from the listener?
B) Not relevant to the listener?

There is no point! It serves no purpose other than to cause the listener to tune out or find another station via a different website.

Yes I’m aware that Radionomy have to make money to survive but sadly Internetradio is not the place for random adverts.

Anyone for Icecast?

Even though it was said to be a mistake sooner or later Shoutcast will become AD supported.

Last updated on: 29th May 2018
at 09:02 AM Europe/London