Seen a thread on the Shoutcast forums regarding the services Radionomy provide, It looks like the free Shoutcast RMO service is being phased out in favour of a new “Shoutcast for Business” service.

Dear Shoutcast User

We are delighted to announce we are launching a new Shoutcast audio streaming offer: Shoutcast for Business.

Shoutcast for Business is the ultimate suite of advanced tools for broadcasters that lifts audio streaming solution to the highest level.

Two years after its launch, we have decided to upgrade our current streaming service in order to improve its quality and services.

We have redesigned our solution with premium servers and bandwidth to ensure your listeners a full connectivity and a new radio manager that includes Shoutcast’s first automation system, the planner, powerful analytics and many other widgets to help you optimize the management of your radio station.

We’re very excited to have you on-board for a 3 months’ trial.

Starting from the 13th of June 2018, your station will be automatically transferred to the new platform at 3:00 PM (CET Time).

You will need to update connection information in your encoder right after the transfer

Before your trial ends, you’ll be invited to upgrade and then you’ll be charged 14.9 €/$ every month, based on your current monthly total listening hours. During the 3-month trial period, you can also decide to end your contract with Shoutcast by email notification at

As we value your feedback, we remain available to answer your questions at

The Shoutcast Team

Important to note that users on the platform will lose their free radio station(s) if they don’t upgrade to the new paid service.

It was only a matter of time before Radionomy started charging for the service, I imagine they weren’t making a lot from the free Shoutcast RMO service.

Which wasn’t technically free as users had to run ads for 2 minutes twice an hour. Main reason I didn’t want to use them I don’t like adverts on Internet radio you get enough of them on mainstream FM stations.

Its still early days & this is pretty fresh news. I will update this post with more details when I have them.

Last updated on: 26th July 2018
at 09:13 AM Europe/London