Saw someone tweet this on Twitter recently.

“How to setup a free radio station with SAM Broadcaster”

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The tweet with a link took me to a video on YouTube which was supposed to be a tutorial for something.

Then another link at the bottom of the video then took me to the DJSoft/RadioBoss website.

Which in turn meant it was a marketing ploy for DJSoft to try and shift his overpriced software. (Nice try!)

The original tweet was somewhat misleading anyway…

“You cannot setup a FREE radio station with SAM Broadcaster as the program costs $299 so its not FREE!

There is only one truly FREE radio automation package on the market and that is RadioDJ

RadioDJv2 free radio automation software

You don’t even need a serial key or crack patch in order to work RadioDJ.

If your just planning on setting up an online radio station I would highly suggest you use RadioDJ.

How To Install RadioDJ

“RadioDJ out performs all the other paid for automation packages such as SAM Broadcaster and even RadioBoss”

You’ll be thankful when you haven’t paid $$$ for software that may not have worked as advertised anyway.

Next time I see someone Tweet “How to setup a free radio station with SAM Broadcaster?”

I’ll Tweet them back with the word “Bullshit”

Last updated on: 15th August 2018
at 15:08 PM Europe/London