A user on the RadioDJ forums was asking for help setting up his Shoutcast encoder so I thought I would do a basic post about how you set one up.

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Most encoding software tends to be similar to setup and run.

Most of the encoding programs rely on several bits of information in order for you to connect to Shoutcast or Icecast

Server or IP address: Tends to be the address your streaming provider emailed you it will look something like this.

e.g: or fred.myshoutcastprovider.com Without the http:// part

Server Port: This will be the port number you or your provider set for you when you setup or signed up for the server. e.g: 8015

Server Type: You have different options when it comes to streaming this will usually be Shoutcast, Shoutcast v2 or Icecast2 as they’re the most popular streaming platforms

(If you need to stream to another type of media server you may want to ask the provider of that server to help you with any connection issues)

Encoder Password: This will be the password your provider sent or the one you chose when setting the server up.

Stream ID: This is for Shoutcast 2 servers again this will be the stream ID you chose or your server provider sent you or if you set it up yourself its usually just streamid=1

Mountpoint: This is usually just for Icecast servers e.g: /stream.ogg or /stream.mp3

Encoder type: This is usually mp3, AAC, AAC+, OGG & Opus depending on what format you wish to stream in

Important: OGG & Opus only work with Icecast 2 servers

Bitrate: this will be the bitrate your server is able to receive, bitrates can go from as low as 8kbps up to 320kbps

AAC+ can only stream up to a bitrate of 128kbps but usually sounds best around 48kbps

Sample Rate: This is usually either 22050 0r 44100

Where an encoder asks you for Station details this is where you put your station name, website and genre etc…

If all has gone to plan you should now be able to stream to your media server, I know this is a basic tutorial but there really isn’t much to setting up a streaming encoder.

If in doubt ask the vendor of the software or try asking on social media or broadcasting forums for help.

Last updated on: 4th November 2019
at 13:55 PM Europe/London