Seen a few posts from a user recently claiming he’s been hacked while using one of the RadioDJ website scripts.

He goes on to claim there are also “vulnerabilities” in the script.

When we last checked the code there weren’t any vulnerabilities that we were aware of and we tested the code on our servers without any issues.

The code we modified was mainly .css based all we did was give the code an upgrade to make it look/flow better.

I get a feeling this user may not have that greater password on his MySQL configuration that’s how things usually start getting hacked.

If you use a SECURE password then these things cannot happen. You need a password that contains lots of symbols and numbers as well as letters.

TIP: Make your password at least 15/20 characters or more in length and make sure it can’t be easily guessed don’t use pet names or family nicknames, Don’t make it obvious and write it down so you don’t forget it.

If you carry on being hacked after choosing a secure password then you really do need to beef up the security on your website.

There are a lot of nasty people on the Internet who will do anything to access your database and they don’t care how they do it, A secure password is your only hope of keeping these people at bay.

Its not the fault of our script if some (hacker/spammer) is deliberately targetting your website. Like I already said there are bad people out there.

Hand on heart we’ve never had an issue with any of the request scripts for RadioDJ.