Just seen a post on the Spacial Audio/SAM Broadcaster forums where a user wants to set his request function up. The user states their website is hosted by GoDaddy.

That’s where the problem lies he will never get SAM Broadcaster requests working as Godaddy don’t have the SQL port 3306 or the other port 1221 open.

I’m sure someone will point this out to him eventually.

That’s just one reason to avoid Go Daddy!

“Another is the fact the owner thinks it’s good fun to go around and kill defenceless wild animals!”

Shop around for a website host that allows you to have port 3306 open so you can have a working website would be my advice. GoDaddy suck big time.

Update 30/01/2014: GoDaddy owns up to role in epic Twitter account hijacking. Read about that here

Update 16/04/2014: Yet again GoDaddy are doing stuff you wouldn’t believe if it wasn’t so outrageous. They’ve given someone’s identifiable information to a spammer troll who has then used it against the person.

You can read all about that Here

“GoDaddy has all kinds of awful business practices, so I won’t say I’m shocked but I am disappointed that they are so incredibly irresponsible”

The Secret is: Do NOT use Go Daddy for website hosting!!

You could get a better deal if you shop around.

Last updated on: 17th October 2017
at 15:36 PM Europe/London