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Edcast Standalone

Edcast Standalone the original stand alone encoder.

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Standalone Vs Built In Encoders

Standalone encoding software vs Built In Encoders? When it comes to automation software do you pay $$$ for a program that has encoders built in or do you use a standalone encoding program along side the automation software?

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MB Recaster (Free)

MB Recaster is a stand alone encoder and can stream to both Shoutcast and Icecast

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Sound Empire Caster

Sound Empire Caster This is standalone encoder that recently came to my attention.

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Now Playing Text Issue (RadioDJ)

Seen a few posts from people who are struggling to get RadioDJ to generate the NowPlaying.txt files. To get RadioDJ to generate the text file you need to be running RadioDJ as “Administrator”

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Running 2 Copies Of RadioDJ?

Sometimes people want to run more than 1 online radio stream and this is quite easy to do if you use RadioDJ alongside Virtual Audio cables and standalone encoding software

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RadioDJ & Altacast Are Separate Programs

There appears to be some confusion about Altacast encoding software it seems people thought it was connected to RadioDJ. Nope! Altacast is/was coded by a completely different person who seems to have disappeared off the Internet

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Shoutcast Now Playing PHP Script

Are you looking for a simple way to get now playing info from your Shoutcast server? 1) You will need a PHP enabled web server with “fsock” connections enabled (Ask your host if they support this most good hosts do)

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Free Radio Broadcasting Software

We couldn’t seem to find a great deal of “free radio broadcasting software” listed on Google. “However software for broadcasting an Internet radio station with need not cost you lots of $$$” Here are some of the best free radio software offerings on the market.

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Sam Broadcaster Alternative?

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ free radio automation software

It’s always nice to see people searching for an alternative to SAM Broadcaster.

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation package (No Catches/No Keys/No hidden fees)

RadioDJ also makes running an Internet Radio stream really easy.

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